How U-Analyze is Perfectly Placed to Increase Your Sales Velocity

How U-Analyze is Perfectly Placed to Increase Your Sales Velocity

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Breaking the glass ceiling of mere grievance resolution, contact center interactions between customers and agents have emerged to become a gold mine in terms of accelerating sales conversion. U-Analyze, a new generation speech recognition and analytics software from Uniphore, decodes such agent-customer interactions, offering both predictive and prescriptive insights for improved sales velocity.

Decoding customer preferences by leveraging DLSR capabilities

U-Analyze, armed with its speech recognition features and accurate keyword spotting, aids enterprises in decoding customer needs and preferences. This can be leveraged by enterprises to offer a future product with attributes that the market is looking for.

U-Analyze not only supports 80+ global languages but also uses Dynamic Language Switching and Recognition (DSLR) technology, which allows for multiple language tracking in every agent-consumer interaction.

Growing the top line through higher NPS and CSAT rates

A better customer experience means improved customer loyalty. A loyal customer is less likely to churn and can result in sustained revenue over a longer term. U-Analyze helps enterprises track Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rates, which relate directly to increased sales velocity.

U-Analyze helps build brand loyalty by sifting consumers into distinct categories of promoters, decorators, and passive consumers. It then correlates agent performance with customer calls and prescribes methods to increase customer loyalty by reducing churn rates. As a result, U-Analyze helps achieve a superior Net Promoter Score (NPS), which, in turn, drives revenues.

Smarter sales pitches with Sentiment Analysis

U-Analyze analyzes the correlation between the Average Handling Time (AHT) for each agent and sales conversion. Each agent gets a Sales Conversion Score, allowing to improve sales pitch and timing.

U-Analyze’s speech recognition feature has the capability to detect emotions in an ‘agent-consumer’ interaction. The pitch and tone in conversation allow U-Analyze to execute a Sentiment Analysis of every consumer and derive a Happiness Index. A higher Happiness Index means the consumer is more likely to entertain any up-sell or cross-sell attempt. Negative sentiment, on the other hand, is a signal to avoid promotion of any offering.

Such personalized sales pitch maneuvers based on emotional context are a game-changer in the world of agent-customer interactions.

Thus, U-Analyze, with its distinct features, 100% call tracking, and smart keyword recognition advantages, offers a unique environment for enterprises to use contact center interactions to increase their sales velocity and achieve their business goals.

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