Uniphore is 10!

Uniphore is 10!

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We are 10! It is an important milestone not just for Uniphore but also for the entire Indian start-up ecosystem. Uniphore is one of the rare and shining examples of a deep tech company to come out of India.

When Uniphore was incubated in IIT Madras on April 23, 2008, we began with a dream. Inspired by Prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Ravi Saraogi and I set out to develop solutions that would touch a billion lives. In the initial days, both of us spent a considerable amount of time in rural parts of Tamil Nadu to understand what that problem could be and how we can address it.

Our time spent there led to the understanding that voice was a great solution for bridging the problem of digital divide. It is the lowest common denominator. We wanted to unleash the power of voice/speech. And thus began our journey of developing solutions based on speech recognition.

10 years forward, today we have three products that help enterprises to analyze (A-Analyze), automate (U-Self Serve), and authenticate (U-Trust Agent). Our solutions recognize 80 plus languages, both Indian and global. It can recognize hard to decipher accents, human emotions, and environments. More than 70 enterprises in banking, telecom, retail, and other sectors have chosen our solutions. This is a testimony that we are on a right track and that our solutions are of value to them. We are growing at a rapid pace and expanding our operations globally.

But this didn’t happen overnight. While many start-ups could introduce work-in-progress products, as a deep tech company Uniphore couldn’t afford to do that. We consciously took a decision to invest time and resources to develop solutions that work. This strategy and investments paid off.

This 10-year milestone would not have been possible without

  1. Prof Jhunjhunwala, who inspired us to dream big
  2. IIT Madras who trusted our vision and incubated us
  3. Our employees, who believed in our dreams and turned them into reality
  4. Clients, who put their faith in us and trusted our solutions
  5. Kris Gopalakrishnan, Ray Stata and Rajan Anandan who came very early in and gave us the much needed impetus
  6. John Chambers who has entered our lives at an important stage when we are all set to leapfrog into the next level. He is working with me and the leadership of Uniphore to help us build an exciting future
  7. Our investors – IDG, IIFL, IAN, and YourNest
  8. Friends in media and industry platforms, who acknowledged us and gave us the energy to pursue further
  9. Partners, who extended our reach

We are witnessing a huge traction for our products and solutions. This is driven by enterprises across the globe adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation to improve their business performance and deliver superior Customer Experience. We are clearly the number one in India. In Asia where we set up presence just a couple of years back, we are growing at breakneck speed. We are set to catapult into a different league as we are all set to enter the US market which is the biggest market for our solutions.

Many people ask me if I still consider Uniphore as a start-up. The answer is “Yes”. We are a start-up that has built mature solutions in a rather complex space and we are raring to go global. The first 10 years were focused on turning the dream into reality. The next 10 years will be to touch billions of lives, globally.

Everyone at Uniphore is looking for the exciting times ahead!

Umesh Sachdev

Co-Founder & CEO 

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