Conversational AI is Transforming the Future Contact Centers

Conversational AI is Transforming the Future Contact Centers

Man wearing headset talks, with a graphic promoting "Transforming CX" featuring discussions by Forrester analysts Daniel Hong and Annie Weckesser on Conversational AI in future contact centers.

Contact centers can adapt to a post-pandemic world and be future-ready with conversational AI and automation.

Over a year after the onset of the pandemic, contact centers are looking to transform and enrich their operations with conversational AI and Automation technologies. Call volumes have increased and the pressure to deliver an exceptional customer experience while keeping costs down continues to be a challenge.

AI-powered applications deployed before, during and after the call are expanding the perception of conversational AI. Beyond self-service, AI can support agent productivity during a call and after the call. It can also provide critical insights to optimize future interactions with customers and drive compliance.

Join Daniel Hong, Forrester analyst and Annie Weckesser, Chief Marketing Officer, Uniphore, discuss key issues facing the future of contact centers and how AI and automation can help.

Key takeaways from the session:

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