Call Centers Invest in Conversational AI: Top Reasons Why

Call Centers Invest in Conversational AI: Top Reasons Why

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Enterprises across industry verticals are today investing in conversational AI and adjacent technologies. Call centers have the unique distinction of being at the crossroads of people, processes, and technologies in any enterprise. As such, call centers need conversational AI solutions more than ever. These conversational AI applications and solutions might cater to your varied needs depending on what purpose your call center serves.

It could be about conversational AI solutions deployed in your call center to help you in your lead generation, and overall marketing efforts. It could also be about conversational AI solutions that are going to cater to your customer service need. You can also deploy these AI-based technology tools to help the sales teams in your organization to upsell and cross-sell. So, here are some of the top reasons why call centers around the world cannot resist the urge to invest in conversational AI and adjacent technologies.

Call centers need conversational AI tools

#1. Hold a personalized conversation at scale

According to a popular adage, the internet has not changed customer expectations, but it has empowered them. This means that customers today can compare the customer service that you offer with the best in the world. This is where conversational AI helps to deliver a more personalized customer conversation at scale. In today’s world, customers expect an omnichannel experience, and conversational AI can help deliver that at scale. Regardless of a customer moving from a messenger app to a live chat to social channels, the conversational AI based tool can help personalize the experience, follow the customer across channels and even understand context and history to offer a truly seamless customer service experience.

#2. Manage spikes in customer call volumes

Today our world is going through tumultuous times, and because of this, the customer service departments of organizations are under tremendous pressure to deliver results running against the clock. This is where conversational AI plays a pivotal role. It is possible to deploy AI chatbots and voice assistants to help take care of call spikes and assuage customer anxieties and satisfactorily resolve their queries.

Using conversational AI, it is possible to categorize calls based on customers’ voice, past interaction, and context. Thus, a good volume of those calls can be routed to an intelligent virtual assistant and help reduce contact center agents’ load. This way, the contact center agents can concentrate on what they do best – empathize with the customers.

#3. Around the clock customer support

Today it is all about round the clock customer support. Your customers could be calling from varied time zones around the world. Thus, no customer support of a major brand is complete without the inclusion of conversational AI solutions and tools. Self-service options are no longer nice-to-have but crucial to your customer service success. Chatbots and voice bots are an integral part of a brand’s customer engagement strategy to deliver on the self-service customer promise. Thanks to conversational AI solutions understanding the intricacies of human speech, language, and emotions, it is possible to deploy these AI-based systems to improve customer service and support experiences across the board in an organization regardless of the industry vertical. The best part of such technologies is that it can scale seamlessly without any issue, pick up where the human left, bring in context and maturity with more social interaction, etc.

#4. Drive marketing and sales efforts

With too much competition all around and customers getting picky, it is tough to attract your target audience’s attention. But with conversational AI solutions, it becomes a tad easier. You can train your ai-based chatbots and voice bots to help you in your marketing and sales efforts. It could be about picking up what your customers are saying on social media, attending to them while they land on your website, or even understanding their needs when they call your contact center.

Conversational AI can connect with the audience at a deeper level thanks to advanced technologies like understanding customers’ real intent, gauging their emotions, and hidden expectations. Models trained to handle various nuances of human nature can be a better way of persuading customers to sign-up for your webinar or download a white paper or even buy a product or service from you. All these efforts help drive your marketing and sales teams forward.

#5. Deliver on the customer promise

We all know that today customer experience has overtaken product and pricing as the single biggest brand differentiator. This means that brands that fail to deliver on the requisite customer experience and customer engagement are bound to fail regardless of having a world-class product and a down to earth pricing. Thus, conversational AI platforms can help to deliver on this promise of excellent customer experience. This means your customer engagement and support channels can remain open around the clock; your customers don’t have to wait in a queue to be attended by a human agent. They can connect with the brand through multiple channels and still expect an omnichannel experience and more. All this adds to delivering on the customer service promise that you have made to your customers.

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