Conversational AI Aids Contact Centers | Uniphore

Conversational AI Aids Contact Centers | Uniphore

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The current pandemic has caused businesses, employees, and customers to adjust to a new environment that is having a sweeping impact on our everyday lives. With social distancing being implemented globally over just a few weeks, contact centers were forced to adapt almost instantaneously to ensure business continuity with support for their newly remote agents. On top of the operational challenges faced by contact centers supporting remote agents, there has also been a huge surge in call volumes across contact centers as customers prefer live interaction to get answers to urgent and complex issues. For instance, banks are swarmed with requests to delay mortgage payments, get fee waivers, etc.  Similarly, other industries such as healthcare, travel, etc. are experiencing huge volumes and longer than normal wait times as customers call to make changes to their medical records and travel plans respectively. These trends are testing and stretching every industry’s standard for high customer service and experience. Continually improving customer experience and lowering operational costs has always been a top imperative for contact center leaders and the current crisis brings that to the forefront. COVID-19 will act as a catalyst for contact centers to adapt not only to the current conditions but support this new normal moving forward.

Deploy & Adopt with Speed & Scale

Surging and consistent increases in call volumes now require contact center leaders to take proactive approach to identify conversations that can be deflected to self-service and digital channels such as conversational AI which can include things like chat bots, machine learning, and voice analytics. In today’s era of COVID-19, conversational AI can be deployed and adopted with speed and scale to help surging call volumes and transform overall customer experience.

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Recently, IDC came out with a helpful research note, in which they write about how rapid advancements in conversational AI are truly poised to transform the customer and agent experience and presents a strategic growth opportunity for organizations and contact centers. Along with market perspective and guidance, the report also spotlights Uniphore’s solutions along with a few other leading vendors who are responding with conversational AI to help today’s contact centers deal with the new normal and respond to the needs of their customers.

Download the Conversational AI Report

For your free copy of the IDC report and learn how Conversational AI helps contact centers in the era of COVID-19, please click here.

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