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Customer Interaction Analytics Boost Centers | Uniphore

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As brands discover newer channels to communicate, conduct business, and connect with customers in a post-pandemic world, there is a deluge of customer data generated at breakneck speeds. Consider a customer support contact center receiving thousands of calls at any given hour of the day. Brands are under tremendous pressure to foster better communication and deliver on the customer promise.

Contact centers have become the de facto channel for brands to connect with customers. Millions of hours of customer conversations are recorded each year to fulfill quality standards, training demands, and compliance objectives. Hardly 1% of this recorded conversational data is ever analyzed, and actionable insights are drawn. Imagine the business value and customer service proposition if 100% of the data trapped in calls, emails, chat transcripts, and other customer interactions are turned into information? This can then be searched and acted upon.

Customer interaction analytics helps to make sense of all that recorded data. The benefits of customer interaction analytics can be broadly divided into three categories. Let us briefly learn about each one of them.

Enhancing customer experience

You don’t need fancy customer feedback programs to learn what your customers think about your brand. All you need to do is pay close attention to what your customers are saying while conversing with your contact center agents, sending you emails, texting your chatbots, etc. You can discover root causes of customer dissatisfaction just by analyzing customer conversational data post the interaction.

You can identify key phrases and trending topics that the customer is exclusively communicating with you. You can even gauge the emotional state of customers thanks to sentiment analysis. It can highlight the things that need immediate attention, and even pre-emptively reveal ways to reduce customer churn, failed sales efforts, and repeat contact rates. All this can have a direct influence on enhancing the customer experience and ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

Improving operational efficiency

Analyzing customer interaction data can help to drive better contact center outcomes. Operational inefficiencies can be flagged, and entire processes streamlined for better performance. Workflows can be designed to handle customer escalations, bottlenecks in customer query resolution can be identified, and customer interactions needing further review can be forwarded to QA supervisors. The contact center agents can be better equipped to handle more complex customer queries. Ultimately, it leads to considerable improvement in contact center internal processes by better listening to customers and understanding their concerns.

Cutting costs and boosting revenue

Capital conservation has always been high on the agenda of contact center leaders. However, the pandemic reiterated its importance. Customer interaction analytics can shed light on what are the redundancies that you can do away with, how to reduce the overhead costs, and ways to lower your cash burn rates. Insights derived from interaction analytics can help you reduce the average handle time (AHT) of calls, achieve first contact resolution (FCR), and better allocate scarce human resources in the contact center to add more business value.

Analyzing customer conversations on various channels also helps you to learn about new ways to boost sales opportunities. Finally, interaction analytics enables you to adhere to industry regulations and corporate policies by ensuring agents stick to disclosure scripts and procedural norms. Imagine the cost savings by avoiding costly litigation later!

Uniphore’s U-Analyze helps you delve into large volumes of recorded customer interactions across phone, email, and text to extract actionable insights. Learn more about  U-Analyze here.

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