Uniphore to acquire Jacada

Revolutionizing the future of CX with the first low code/no code platform for agent-assisted and self-service interactions.

Uniphore and its industry leading conversational service automation platform can now leverage Jacada’s low code/no code platform for agent-assisted and self-service interactions. Jacada’s innovative technology simplifies implementation and accelerates an organization’s ability to help drive businesses forward with exceptional customer experiences. 

With the addition of Jacada’s business friendly UI, Uniphore now can leverage its advanced AI capabilities and contact center expertise to deliver the most advanced self-service and agent-assisted solutions that will leverage: 

  • Optimized and customizable AI models for different verticals 
  • Business user-friendly interface with a low code platform that empower business users to generate interaction flows for increased automation and deliver ease of implementation 
  • Workflow and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for all self-service interactions and agent interactions 
  • Next-best action and knowledge base guidance based on intent recognition  
  • Automation agent after-call work summaries and call disposition 
  • Automatic logging of promises made during agent interaction and managing the fulfillment post call  
  • End-to-end post interaction analytics and insights  

Industry Perspectives

"As organizations mature, they are eager to leverage conversational AI and automation for a myriad of business use cases across the enterprise and move beyond customer service. To do this at scale, organizations need low-code/no-code solutions that are easily used by business users, without reliance on IT departments. With the acquisition of Jacada, Uniphore is taking a significant step toward a comprehensive conversational automation platform for the entire enterprise." 

David Schubmehl

Research VP, Conversational AI and Intelligent Knowledge Discovery

"Today’s reality is that most organizations are short-staffed when it comes to IT and AI expertise. Because of this, they often need external help to implement AI effectively and efficiently. With Jacada and Uniphore joining forces to democratize conversational AI and automation for the enterprise, organizations are going to be able to get the help they need to optimize their processes in customer service and across their businesses."

Mary Wardley

VP, Customer Care and CRM

"It’s clear that automation is the lynchpin for success, not just in the contact center, but across the organization. While automation has long been a focus in the contact center, there’s still a lot of untapped potential beyond these use cases in customer experience. It’s exciting to see Uniphore and Jacada leverage their collective decades of expertise in the space to solve these challenges and drive further innovation."

Keith Dawson

VP and Research Director, Customer Experience

"Uniphore’s acquisition of Jacada is yet another example of the advent of the composable enterprise, particularly for the contact center. While other industries such as CRM applications had already leaned into the idea of the composable enterprise and developing low-code/no-code platforms to remove obstacles in implementation, the communications industry is just now starting to catch up. Uniphore’s news today solidifies the trends we’ve been seeing take shape over the last year, and will be a good move for both companies." 

Zeus Kerravala

Founder and Principal
ZK Research

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