• White PapersNov 19, 20211 min read

    Creating a Better Collections Experience

    When customers miss payments, it’s up to collections departments and agencies to recover what is owed. This can be a stressful process for delinquent customers (often experiencing financial hardship) and businesses trying to balance recovery with...

  • White PapersNov 17, 20211 min read

    Keeping Compliance Under Control

    Few industries are regulated as closely as wealth management. To remain viable, investment firms must comply with a complex—and often changing—list of regulations established by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). When interacting with...

  • White PapersNov 11, 20211 min read

    Preparing for the Journey Ahead

    Travel and hospitality were among the hardest hit industries during the pandemic. While today both are recovering, businesses are grappling with new realities on the ground—and in the air. Fewer business travelers, newer no-contact preferences and...

  • White PapersNov 11, 20211 min read

    Banking on Great Conversations

    For the finance industry, the global pandemic was a watershed moment. Customers unable to access their branch locations increasingly took to digital channels for their customer service needs. Faced with record-high contact center traffic, many...

  • White PapersOct 7, 2021

    Why Conversational AI is incomplete without Conversational Flow Analysis

    What is Conversational Flow Analysis? Conversational flow analysis is what helps conversational AI better understand what humans are talking about using the context associated with different sections or phases of an agent/customer conversation. With...

  • White PapersSep 14, 2021

    Choosing an AI-Powered Interaction Analytics Solution – A Buyer’s Guide

    A Buyer’s Guide For Contact Center Executives It’s not humanly possible to listen to and analyze every minute of every single customer conversation that happens in the contact center. After all, there can be thousands or tens of thousands of...

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