• InfographicsNov 11, 2021


    For years, contact centers have relied on post-call surveys and audits to measure customer experience, satisfaction, and agent performance—with limited results. Today, customers are having more conversations with businesses than ever. Each...

  • InfographicsOct 22, 2021

    How Conversational AI Optimizes IT Help Desks

    Since the pandemic, IT help desks have been overwhelmed with requests for assistance. Help desk ticket volumes grew 35%, causing ticket backlogs, time to resolution, and support costs to grow. For many companies, this influx of requests and now...

  • InfographicsOct 30, 2020

    After-call Work (ACW) Automation Benefits

    Customer experience has already overtaken product and pricing as the number one brand differentiator. Companies that focus on customer experience consistently outperform their competitors. Within contact centers, reducing average handle time (AHT)...

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