Maximize voice investments with AI-ready data.

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Do you already have a call recording vendor but can’t access high quality, real-time or post-call voice data streams to underpin speech analytics investments?

U-Capture provides you with 100% access to voice and media data sets without impacting your current call recording infrastructure.

This non-invasive capture overlay solution captures high-quality audio, contextually rich metadata and fuels highly accurate transcripts for AI and analytics engines.

Overcome the common issues organizations face when extracting data from existing call recording platforms. Take control of your most strategic data sets to drive ROI and uncover unique business insights across compliance, customer experience, sales coaching and more.


Unlock 100% of Your Enterprise Voice Data

With U-Capture, enterprises finally have total data sovereignty, with 100% open access and real-time audio streaming of high-quality conversational data.



Full control of, and access to, your data via APIs


Capture uncompressed stereo audio in real-time (or for access post-call), providing a gateway to AI-ready data to fuel speech analytics engines


Tap into additional context across the customer journey and tie every conversation back to a central record for greater insights and efficiencies

Screen Tagging

Capture details of an agent’s movement on screen to establish process, tools or knowledge-related blockers and annotate calls


Containerized compute footprint for up to 90% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership

Enterprise-wide Capture

Achieve complete data sovereignty with the ability to capture every interaction across the customer and employee journey

Capture Every Interaction

When it comes to your agent and customer interactions, audio is only half the picture. With so much rich and actionable information held in conversational data, U-Capture helps you analyze and act upon your most valuable asset – the voice of your customers and employees – by providing the tools to capture voice and metadata across multiple sources, including screen.

Capture and Transcribe Voice and Metadata

A man is working on a computer with headphones, using voice capture overlay technology.

Screen Recording

Link agent PCs with agent devices, such as handsets, allowing screen and audio recording to take place simultaneously. Screen-recorded calls can then be processed, searched, replayed, exported and transcribed.

PCI Suppression

With evolving and rising regulations, enable the automated and manual suppression of sensitive payment information to maintain a focus on PCI DSS compliance and payment card security for enhanced customer data security.

Enhanced Customer Data Security

A woman wearing a headset at a computer, with voice capture overlay enabled.

Adaptive Call Recording Management

A woman sitting at a desk with a laptop, capturing voice input.

Agent Controls

An adaptive call recording management solution that assists call center agents across customer service disciplines to annotate calls, record on demand and support PCI compliance with audio suppression.

Screen Tagging

Capture details of an agent’s movement on screen to establish process, tools or knowledge-related blockers and annotate calls with pre-set fields or free text to guide improvements across the agent and customer journey.

Guide Improvement

A person typing on a laptop computer with Voice Capture.

Tap into Additional Context

A laptop with headphones resting on top.

Metadata Capture

Tap into additional context across the customer journey by capturing metadata fields such as phone number, account numbers and agent IDs that translate into valuable conversational data that is rich with insights.

Quality of Recording

Leverage algorithms to listen to recordings processed by U-Capture to check for and alert on underlying audio quality issues – such as white noise – so they can be detected early and steps can be taken to resolve them promptly.

Alert Audio Quality Issues Early

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Harness Opportunities

A man working on a computer with two monitors in front of him, using a voice capture overlay for efficiency.

Voice Analytics & AI

Uniphore empowers you to harness the vast opportunities of conversational data with a real-time, high-quality voice and metadata capture solution that ensures you get the most out of AI and analytics applications.

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