Everest Group 2022
Conversational AI PEAK Matrix®

Uniphore Named a Major Contender in Latest PEAK Matrix®

We’re proud to announce that Uniphore has been recognized as a Major Contender in Everest Group’s 2022 Conversational AI PEAK Matrix®!

This year’s PEAK Matrix® Assessment evaluates 26 global conversational AI vendors on their market impact as well as their vision and capability to deliver services. Uniphore ranks as one of the strongest vendors in market impact and one of the top 5 conversational AI vendors in North America.

The report highlights Uniphore’s many strengths, including:

Easy-to-use, low-code platform with pre-built industry solutions for telecom, healthcare, hospitality and more

Advanced conversational capabilities, including strong sentiment, tonal and emotional analysis

Strong technical acumen, expertise and leadership across the entire team

Download the complimentary report today to find out why Uniphore is a “Major Contender” and why buyers are impressed by our conversational automation platform.