Conversational Analytics / 02.04.2019

auMina Qsense : Driving Actionable Insights to Enhance Workforce Performance

Conversational AI and analytics are emerging as pivotal technologies to drive holistic people management, performance enhancement, and process optimization programs.

Deloitte’s “2018 Global Human Capital Trends” survey found that 72% of C-level executives had immense faith in the potential of AI to improve productivity and performance, but only 31% had the confidence of deploying it effectively to improve workforce optimization and performance management. Many still rely on manual quality checks and training for agent performance enhancement and compliance adherence.

AI-First organizations are moving ahead with workflow and process re-design to leverage the self-learning capabilities of AI for on-the-job coaching, employee training, and quality assurance. This is a key focus area for customer-facing functions where compliance and legality play a very important role in information dissemination.

Conversational AI mines agent conversation with customers to empower Business Analysts, Agents and Quality Analysts with actionable insights that deliver business value to the organization. Such conversational analytical insights help steer marketing campaigns, product improvements, operational optimization programs, employee training, and agent performance.

auMina QSense ™
auMina Qsense: Driving Actionable Insights to Enhance Workforce Performance


auMina QsenseTM helps businesses across the world combine their customer engagement strategies with deep insights to transform performance management in customer facing roles. The new solution expands Uniphore’s conversational analytics portfolio to meet the expectations of customers who require a more sophisticated solution to enhance customer interactions and make customer service a source of competitive advantage.

smart quality management tool, auMina Qsense comes with an interactive dashboard for a holistic view of agent performances which can benefit quality assurance managers who manage large teams. It provides a single window display of all gradients of agent performance and insights about call quality, customer behavior and communication analysis.

Personnel self-evaluation helps to re-define people processes and training. Agents can understand the flaws in their delivery and can be coached by the system in real time even during a customer conversation. The dynamic dashboard is an interactive and intuitive console offering not only role-based access but also diverse gradients in performance and customized analytics report.

It gives a holistic picture with overall and comparative achievements, top achievers and laggards. Customized performance charts are an important tool for quality checks and evaluation for Quality Analysts.

Speaker Diarization is a notable feature of auMina QsenseTM, which identifies, isolates, classifies, and tracks speakers even in adverse acoustic conditions. This fuels the end-to-end automated quality engine wherein AI can understand “who spoke when” in a multi-party speaking environment.  Conversational AI can clearly identify if the agent rushed the call, used the directed language, or was rude to the customer. All the call related files can be saved in stereo and mono formats and businesses need not invest in specialized infrastructure to convert or analyze files.

Smart Sampling is one of the key differentiators that enable auMina Qsense to drive agent performance and workforce enhancement.  The powerful analytics engine covers all relevant customer interactions eliminating gaps brought through poor measurability.

auMina Qsense QSenseTM is a key support system for personnel across all functional levels. Agents, Business Analysts, and Quality Analysts are leveraging its intelligence, language analysis, and self-learning capabilities to accurately understand performance and fine-tune the same to meet customer demands. The insights gleaned through customer interactions can be key to driving human resource development, performance evaluation, and workforce enhancement.