/ 18.07.2019

Ashwin Chalapathy

Ashwin Chalapathy leads Uniphore India Operations as Managing Director and JAPAC Services as Senior Vice President.

With over 24 years of experience, Ashwin brings deep knowledge and expertise in Software Product Development (Product Management and Engineering), Business development, Delivery & Managed Services.

Prior to Uniphore, Ashwin multi-tasked as SVP, Global Delivery & Managed Services and Head of Counter Fraud Analytics LOB at Mobileum Pvt. Ltd., where he undertook the objective to drive excellence in delivery & MS execution and scale the CFA business. Ashwin has also been associated with Subex Ltd and Siemens Public Communications Networks Ltd.

Outside of work, Ashwin prioritizes spending time with his family & friends, enjoys reading and watching sports. Ashwin is also learning to be a better photographer and wants to learn a musical instrument (but hasn’t gotten around to it yet).