Next Best Action in the Call Center | Uniphore

Next Best Action in the Call Center | Uniphore

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In today’s homogenized market, aside from price, differentiation lies in the quality of customer service your call center is providing. If your agents are not equipped with the right knowledge at the right time, they are unable to deliver solid solutions quickly and effectively. Average handling time (AHT) rises as first call resolution (FCR) sinks and customer experience drops.

Focusing on the Customer, Not the System

With real-time guidance and next best action cues, your agents are provided with step-by-step instructions and live alerts in context to the specific task being performed. Guided through complex processes, your agents are focused on the customer, not the system, to best resolve an issue or properly configure a product or service in less time.

This means – nailing upsell or cross sell opportunities, identifying AT RISK customers, complying with regulatory requirements or tackling complicated technical calls. Real time process guidance enables agents to demonstrate solid expertise, and eliminates the need for time and money consuming training sessions.

In a nutshell – next best action cues transform your agents into subject matter experts.  And as SMEs, your agents are capable of providing optimal solutions and excellent customer service quickly and efficiently.

What’s in it for your Organization?

Next best action cues empower agents with in context, process guidance that adapts to the actual conversation. Agents become more productive, solving queries quickly, efficiently and error-free. Customer experience is improving as average handling time is gradually dropping. Retention rates are escalating as your training costs are taking a major plunge. Bottom line – your organization is making more revenue.

[About the author]Dylon headshot Dylon Mills is the Director of Marketing Content Strategy & Development at Jacada. As such, Dylon’s main responsibilities are to strategize, create and deliver content for Jacada’s product portfolio that align with the global Go-To-Market strategy, corporate positioning, and marketing campaigns. Dylon’s prior work experience includes Product Management at one of the top Fortune 500 Technology companies, Symantec Corporation. Outside of work, Dylon enjoys problem-solving and any project that includes building/tinkering with tools. Dylon holds a BS Consumer Economics from the University of Georgia.

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