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Uniphore [uni: consisting of, relating to, or having only one, universal; and phore: meaning “bearer of”]

The origin of the name Uniphore is rooted in the fact that speech and the human voice sets us apart from other species. It’s the universal method of communication between us. Voices are essential and can be combined to create powerful conversations.

And Uniphore has always been good at harnessing the power of the human voice.

But Uniphore stands for so much more. Something bigger, global, visionary, even more human.

We are using AI to solve a frontier problem for the world; bridging the gap between people and machines using speech and our voice to help ensure so that every person can be heard.

The future of customer service is Conversational Service Automation.

With Uniphore, no matter who you are, where you are in the world, or which language or dialect you speak, our Conversational Service Automation platform delivers the most sophisticated, accurate, personalized and automated customer service on the planet. A natural conversation. No frustration, just true understanding of emotion and intent in real-time, with faster problem resolution.

Conversational Service Automation gives customer service agents improved quality of agent conversation, automating agent tasks, automatic disposition capture and after call work. All with an underlying analytics and security layer. Our platform includes Speech Analytics, Virtual Assistant and Voice Biometrics that change the way enterprises engage their consumers, build loyalty and realize efficiencies.

Uniphore Conversational Service Automation has the highest voice accuracy in the industry, the broadest language coverage, best latency and response times, and highest degree of predictability of intent.

And in the future, when real customer service is pervasive and woven into the fabric of our everyday life, Uniphore is the human-like conversation that is accessible through whatever interface you might be using.

Driven by innovation, Uniphore was incubated in 2008 in IIT Madras, the premier research institute in India.  Since then, Uniphore has grown at an exponential rate and today we have many of the world’s largest enterprise customers, millions of end-users, and over 400 employees located in the U.S., India, and Singapore. Each team member-driven to relentlessly pursue excellence, with leadership and integrity, never compromising, and always with the vision to do the right thing for the long term.

Our mission is simple. And it’s how we plan to lead the customer service intelligence revolution.
We give each customer a voice.
No one else hears them. But we do.

Umesh Sachdev
Umesh Sachdev Co-founder and CEO
Annie Weckesser
Annie Weckesser CMO + People
Ravi Saraogi
Ravi Saraogi Co-founder and President APAC
Moni Manor
Moni Manor Chief Product Officer
Stephane Berthier
Stephane Berthier Chief Financial Officer
Ritesh Idnani
Ritesh Idnani Chief Revenue Officer
Karen Smith
Karen Smith SVP, Enterprise Sales and Global Sales Ambassador
Santosh Iyer
Santosh Iyer SVP, Revenue Operations, Sales Development and Velocity Sales
Jafar H Syed
Jafar H Syed SVP, Global Head of Channel, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
Curt‌ ‌Hill‌‌
Curt‌ ‌Hill‌‌ SVP, Services & CCO
Samith Ramachandran
Samith Ramachandran SVP and Head of Technology
Sylvain Tremblay
Sylvain Tremblay SVP, Video AI Business
John T. Chambers
John T. Chambers Board Member
Andrea Ayers
Andrea Ayers Board Member
Burt Podbere
Burt Podbere Board Member
Umesh Sachdev
Umesh Sachdev Co-founder and CEO
Rob Rueckert
Rob Rueckert Board Member
Ranjith Menon
Ranjith Menon Board Member
Ravi Saraogi
Ravi Saraogi Co-founder and President APAC
Sumant Mandal
Sumant Mandal Board Member
Pradeep Tagare
Pradeep Tagare Board Member
Pankaj Patel
Pankaj Patel Board Member
Sumit Jain
Sumit Jain Observer
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Working together seamlessly
to deliver world-class
conversational automation and
analytics to our customers.

Uniphore partners with leaders across industries to empower companies to transform customer experiences.

Uniphore’s Partner Ecosystem

UNITE Reseller and Alliance Partners

Our partners have the skills to help you craft innovative conversational AI solutions and successfully deploy them.

Platform Partners

Uniphore products and solutions seamlessly integrate with contact center infrastructure providers to connect and transfer data between customer interaction channels and Uniphore’s Conversational Service Automation Platform. With the integration, organizations can leverage our AI and automation capabilities to deliver conversational front-end experiences to their customers on existing platforms.

If you are not on this list and would like to
partner with us, please connect with us at

Strategic Technology Alliances

Uniphore integrates with other technology leaders to deliver cutting-edge customer service solutions.

If you are not on this list and would like to
partner with us, please connect with us at

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