Contact Center Automation with Conversational AI and RPA

Contact Center Automation with Conversational AI and RPA

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Automation is the new slogan for businesses in the post-COVID world. The ability to let machines do mundane, repetitive, human error-prone, and laborious tasks have been around for some time. According to research from McKinsey and its ilk, the pandemic has expedited enterprise digital transformation and automation goals by three to five years.

Regardless of industry vertical, contact centers have been the nerve center for customer support and service even at the height of the pandemic. That trend, in most likelihood, would continue in the post-COVID era. Customer service industry leaders are busy incorporating digitization and automation across the board to keep up with customer expectations. Contact center automation with Conversational AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a hot topic and deserves detailed thought.

Conversational AI + RPA = Conversational Automation

When you are looking for avenues to automate contact center processes and services, you will encounter many candidates, but not all of them deserve the same attention level. Let us find out the focus areas for contact center automation with Conversational AI and RPA now.

#1. Knowledge management

The reality of easy accessibility of knowledge playing a pivotal role for the frontline contact center agents cannot be overemphasized. Automating knowledge discovery and information retrieval eases the agents’ jobs and helps deliver exceptional customer service. The benefits of contact center knowledge management are many. It creates a single source of readily accessible truth to all stakeholders. With all that knowledge available on-demand at your fingertips, it leads to higher first contact resolution (FCR) and lower average handle time (AHT) in the contact center. Automating knowledge management also ensures that contact center agent onboarding and coaching are done seamlessly.

#2. Front office automation

The front office of any enterprise is crucial to delivering meaningful and timely customer service. The right automation tools can help to understand the customers better and anticipate their needs. The front office automation of contact centers lets your agents communicate and engage with customers better. Mundane and repetitive tasks like updating customer requests/queries, fetching information, setting reminders, and taking queries to their logical conclusion can be effortlessly automated with Conversational AI and RPA. Companies are deploying attended RPA in customer-facing front offices to free agents and let them do more value-added work.

#3. Agent monitoring and quality assurance

Supervisors can monitor and offer real-time assistance to contact center agents with comprehensive automation and Conversational AI tools. QA personnel can get an interactive dashboard for a holistic view of agent performance. Customer insights can be extracted and call audits can be done based on specific criteria by integrating Conversational AI and RPA. A single window displays call quality, customer behavior, and communication analysis, thus improving contact center QA and quality management processes.

#4. Fraud deterrence and regulatory compliance

With the rise of digitization worldwide, the threat of cyber fraud is rising at an alarming rate. Automating fraud detection, foiling cybercrimes, and preventing identity & IP theft can help organizations shield confidential customer data, secure financial transactions, and retain their trust.

With each passing year, more and more industries are being scrutinized by governments and regulatory bodies. Automating data storage and usage as per regulatory guidelines helps contact centers do away with costly human-related errors and the subsequent legal ramifications. Ensuring other vital contact center processes are automated to stay compliant with regulations will help contact centers leave nothing to chance. Thus, using Conversational AI and RPA technologies, it is possible to adhere to regulatory compliance in a much more streamlined manner and stay on top of things at all times.

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