What Makes Voice Biometrics the Best Alternative to Conventional Channels of Authentication

What Makes Voice Biometrics the Best Alternative to Conventional Channels of Authentication

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The field of Biometrics has witnessed a sea of development over the last few decades owing to the unique benefits and the fool-proof authentication solution it offers. Once considered a niche field, Biometrics-based authentication and verification channels have become a name to reckon with. They are slowly but steadily replacing the conventional modes of validating the identity of the user.

What is Voice Biometrics?

It is a technology aided process where the “voiceprint” of a user is recorded and stored to be matched and verified later as an authentication procedure. The voiceprint of every human is unique and therefore, the characteristics of the voice act as a biometric intervention to offer fool-proof security.

The vulnerability of conventional channels to compromise

There is a plethora of channels, services, and products available for enterprises to validate, verify and authenticate the user before offering them access to sensitive systems. Most of the widely-used authentication structures remain exposed to internal and external threats owing to the loopholes, leaks and weak points. Impersonators and fraudsters are leaving no stones unturned to ensure they hack and turn the system upside down.

Hundreds of instances of data theft in the recent times have been a testimony to the vulnerability of the conventional lot. On the flipside, intervention from newer technologies such as Voice Biometrics has strengthened the system and paved way for optimal spend on resources.

Comparison Table

While one may argue, or vouch for alternate Biometrics intervention, the many perks Voice Biometrics has in comparison offers a clinching deal. The table below offers insights into the advantages of voice-based biometrics over other offerings.

Biometrics - Comparison Table

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