Transforming Telecom Customer Experience

Deliver a better customer experience with conversational AI and automation to optimize agent performance and drive ARPU.

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Delivering on CX – A Strategic Telecom Priority

Customers are best served by agents that are engaged and attuned to what the customer needs during the call versus what the need to complete thorough after call work summaries. Watch how Conversational AI and automation in telecom helps to automate after-call work (ACW) summaries and call dispositions with Uniphore U-Assist. Improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) and net promoter score (NPS) by ensuring your agents focus on having a conversation with your customers.


Business Benefits

30% Decrease in customer effort

Reduction in
repeat callers due to FCR

20% Improvement in AHT

Reduction in
average call handle time

50% Reduction in time spent on ACW

Reduction in
human QA due to automation

15% Improvement in sales effectiveness

Annual savings
with ACW automation

Brands That Trust Uniphore to Enhance their CX

Tech Mahindra




Sitel Group

NTT Data

Bajaj Allianz



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  • Deliver Better Customer Experience

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