Emotions are Complex

Q for Sales makes them easier to understand.

Emotions are more than just feelings

They color our thoughts and influence our behaviors. When we interact, our emotions add valuable context. They tell how we feel, our level of engagement and the state of our relationships. That’s a lot to keep track of, even for the most emotionally intelligent people. But not for artificial intelligence.

Introducing Q: Emotion Intelligence for the Enterprise

Q is a revolutionary solution for interpreting the true scope of human emotions in digital interactions. Q uses artificial intelligence—supercharged with emotion intelligence and computer vision—to reveal the emotional context driving conversations and outcomes. Armed with this data, Q generates valuable insights into sentiment and engagement, key moments and more—all in real-time.

Unlocking the power of EQ starts with sales.

Imagine being able to connect with customers on a deeper level; to know what drives them to act and what turns them away. Emotions are hard enough to read in person. In digital interactions, it’s a monumental task. Until now. Q lets revenue teams visualize how remote customers feel, how interested they are and which key moments have the greatest impact on engagement—and likelihood to buy.

Improve Virtual Meetings

Q enables sellers to “read the room” with remarkable accuracy and understand the sentiment and engagement of their buyers. Q for Sales identifies the moments that matter, based on important topics and changes in emotion. Sales teams engaging over video and email can now quickly identify what works and improve sales performance.

Understand Your Customer

By analyzing emotional cues, Q captures the true voice of the customer. Q for Sales helps sales leaders capture and analyze every meeting and deal from an EQ perspective. By identifying the key moments across every conversation, Q is able to provide sales leaders with the contextual insights they need for a complete picture of their market, their forecast and their customer.

Increase Visibility and Performance

By increasing visibility into each deal, Q for Sales helps sellers map a clear path to close-won. By correlating customer sentiment and engagement with seller EQ, Q can help sales leaders more accurately predict sales performance and—ultimately—success. Using personal and team EQ performance modules, leaders can support data-driven coaching and performance management.

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EQ-based insights to help sales teams perform at their best.

Emotion Intelligence? Absolutely.

Q is the first technology of its kind to accurately capture every dimension of the conversation—including the emotional state of its participants. Q picks up on emotional cues from a variety of sources, including voice, tone, expression, gesture and more. Our Emotion AI interprets these signals using Uniphore’s X Platform leveraging our cutting-edge Fusion Metrics, including:

Automatic Speech Recognition + Natural Language Processing

Q uses advanced speech recognition (ASR), natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to understand, analyze and effectively decode conversational content for actionable business intelligence, such as identifying sales opportunities and relevant topics to address.

Audio-Based Tonal and Sentiment Analysis

Q’s tonal AI technology analyzes how something is being said. It listens to each participant’s speaking style, measuring for politeness, empathy, and other vocal cues to evaluate speaker sentiment.

Computer Vision + Deep Learning

Q leverages computer vision in video interactions to analyze facial movements based on landmark points of the face. It then applies deep learning to interpret their complex emotional inferences.