Robotic Desktop Automation.
Perfected to Assist your
customer service workforce.

Build Attended RPA Bots that track events and automate manual tasks in real-time.

"Our first deployed automation for password management has simplified a multi-step, highly manual process for our agents, enabling them to make calls more efficient and decrease call time. We continue to identify additional use cases and look forward to leveraging [Uniphore's] expertise to further improve the member experience for our Owner credit unions."

Rini Fredette, Senior Vice President of Contact Centers

Trusted by Global Brands

Oh, We Get It

Forrester predicts 80% of agent desktop actions are ready for automation. But before you task your unattended bots to do ‘attended work’, proceed with caution…

...not all bots are created equal

The Uniphore Difference

Everywhere you need it

No application or environment boundaries with our attended bots; Web, Windows, Mainframe, Citrix / No Citrix or both for that matter. Over 30 years of automation experience gives us one of the most extensive application coverage in the business.

What's Different About Call Center RPA?

Automate tasks to dramatically reduce cumbersome workflows, but don’t make your humans wait for your robots. Automation at speed is the #1 requirement when working in a human and robot collaborative world and we have you covered with some of the fastest bots in the business.

Say goodbye to "click and pray"

If a robot vendor tells you, “hands off the keyboard and watch the bot work”, tell them thanks but no thanks. Uniphore Attended bots can automate tasks in parallel and in the background while the human worker continues the process in other applications. Anything less is well, not really attended RPA.

Better Together

A bot without guidance is, well, just another unattended bot. Empower your people with the powerful combination of intelligent guidance AND RPA to facilitate this multifaceted interaction between the bot, human, and your customer.

Leave it with the Experts

Uniphore has been modernizing and automating apps using attended RPA years before the term was even coined. With automation coverage for countless legacy and emerging platforms alike, Uniphore’s RPA technology can take on any complex system you have at your enterprise — mainframes, AS/400, PowerBuilder, Gupta, Smalltalk, Delphi, Oracle Forms, Visual Basic, .NET, Java and so many others. Check out how our Uniphore Interface Server can modernize and automate your green screen systems.

Customer Service Automation in Action


  • RPA launches 50+ Apps in context to help agents focus on customers
  • End to end automation of redemption & Tech Support Processes
  • Drove down AHT by 50 seconds
  • Improved FCR by 5%


  • Agent Guidance & Next Best Action
  • Personalized Customer Experience
  • Consistent with Policies
  • More than 60sec AHT reduction
  • Improved business agility to address complex offers


  • Agent Guidance powered by Robotic Process Automation & Knowledge push
  • Prevent Human Errors
  • Automate Call Summary
  • Automate Research Tasks
  • Saves over 2 minutes in AHT


  • Unified Agent Desktop and Smart Agent Assistant
  • Enables multi-skilled Universal Agents to serve over 800+ processes across multiple core banking platforms

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