Robotic Process Automation. Perfected for Digital Customer Engagement.

Build Unattended RPA Bots that help deliver effortless CX.

Houston, we have a problem

According to Deloitte only 3% of firms are scaling their digital workforce. If you want to break through the hype and start scaling your bots, unattended RPA has to play a supporting role, not the only role.

The Uniphore Difference

Unattended RPA with Unlimited Possibilities

No application or environment boundaries with our Unattended bots; Web, Windows, Mainframe, Citrix / No Citrix or both for that matter. Over 30 years of automation experience gives us one of the most extensive application coverages in the business.

Boost Digital Adoption Using Unattended Bots

Reduce your design time by reusing unattended automation flows in any mode or channel. Whether it’s for standalone unattended, hybrid deployments, or to support digital self-service interactions, our robot factory (Interact) supports a “build once and deploy to many” motto that’s built for scale.

Want to Deliver Delightful CX? Speed Matters.

Your Unattended Bots are battle tested and proven to run 20-40% faster than most competitors. That means fewer bots to do more work at a fraction of the cost.

Who is watching the bots

They run by themselves but they don’t always govern themselves. Security, bot management and performance monitoring are three must-haves when it comes to your new digital workforce. We’ve got you covered with an RPA bot monitor.