Siri, what should I order for dinner?

Siri, what should I order for dinner?

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Where should I order dinner from?” One of the eternal existential questions is dealt with rather crudely by the voice assistants on popular smartphones today. For a list of restaurants just exacerbates the dilemma.

Over the past four years, since Apple deemed Siri one of the highlights of the iPhone 4S, we have been hard-sold the idea that we can talk to our phones. Apple, Google and Microsoft have conjured up visions of a world in which keypads are redundant and we interact with our phones the way we would with a personal assistant. But few of us use Siri, Google Now or Cortana this way. They are useful when you are driving or when your phone is charging, but we still key in commands and queries on our phones far more than we speak to them.

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