Demand for virtual healthcare is 7x higher* than before

Conversational AI and automation are driving telehealth growth by as much as 83%.†

Deliver smarter digital house calls

Consumer demand for various forms of virtual healthcare and telehealth has grown exponentially over the past few years. With more healthcare options available than ever before, the availability and convenience of digital service gives payers and providers a significant advantage in an increasingly competitive market. Conversational automation takes digital CX to the next level, delivering consistently better outcomes while exceeding financial expectations.

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Fully Integrated Care

Healthcare members and patients expect a seamless journey from start to finish. Artificial intelligence can connect multiple CX channels, service departments and backend systems for a fully integrated experience, eliminating friction points that erode member trust while driving personalized, empathetic care.

Better Engagement

Healthcare processes can be complicated for members and staff alike. Conversational automation makes it easier for patients and customer service agents to find the information they need regarding care services, coverage options, prescription drug advice and more—all of which builds better engagement and satisfaction.

Profitable Growth

Overpayment and recovery losses are major healthcare cost factors. Conversational AI can drive costs down by flagging potential billing issues during interactions and automating next-best actions for efficient resolution. So, providers can focus more on driving better patient outcomes and profitable growth than chasing down payments.

Forrester Report: “The State of Customer Obsession in Healthcare”

Real results from real healthcare leaders

Leading healthcare providers and payers, including Amerihealth and MMM Healthcare (sister company of InnovCare), rely on Uniphore’s conversational automation platform to drive better business outcomes and build stronger connections with members and patients. These leaders—and dozens just like them—have differentiated themselves as digital-first providers by:

MMM Healthcare

cut its average handle time by

2 minutes

and reduced its agent training time by


using Uniphore’s unified agent desktop.

Healthcare Stats

#1 Business Investment
55% of healthcare execs rank improving patient experiences as their top AI investment goal.1
71% Want Shorter Hold Times
Nearly three out of four members say that shorter hold times would improve their engagement.2
50% Demand Better Continuity

Patients and members expect agents to have their information upfront when calling.2

1 Third Annual Optum Survey on AI in Health Care,” Optum, October 2020
2 HealthPayerIntelligence, September 2021

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†”Third Annual Optum Survey on AI in Healthcare”