Agility During Times of Crisis

Reduce Annual maintenance fees for Uniphore host software by 40%

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Leading Companies Find Savings and Security with Uniphore Advanced Support

The Uniphore Difference

Not Another Vendor

Many companies are consolidating vendors, and rightly so. We are suggesting a 1:1 swap that will save you 40% of your annual maintenance fees.

Learn how you can save 40% on annual maintenance fees.

No Need To Fund A New Project

Annual maintenance fees are an ever-present cost, one that you have already budgeted – in this case, it is a cost that can be easily reduced – thus saving funds for more urgent needs.

Learn how you can free up funds for other important needs by reducing your maintenance fees by 40%.

Product support & Maintenance from the experts

Uniphore wrote the Uniphore host system modernization software and have been supporting it for over twenty years. Even though there are others who provide maintenance for this product, we retain full rights to the source code. Uniphore supports many customers and with thousands of users who routinely use this software.

Learn how we can support your instance of Uniphore and save you 40% in annual maintenance fees in the process.

Harmonize & Elevate. Not Rip & replace

One writer who declared in 1993. “The last mainframe will be unplugged on March 15, 1996.” How many years have your host systems been in use? Ensure that critical systems don’t suffer and save 40% off maintenance fees in the process.

Low Risk and high value engagement.

Few products in your portfolio will provide the hard dollar savings in year one that you can expect when you sign up for Uniphore maintenance. You will save 40% on your annual maintenance fees.

Learn more about you can easily transition to Uniphore support and save 40% on maintenance fees.

How To Get Started

Step 1

Purchase standard maintenance and support from Uniphore – 40% discount over current fees

Step 2

Purchase advanced Support for monthly fee – helps reduce internal cost of ongoing support

Step 3

Uniphore completes all migration and upgrade efforts – minimal efforts by customer