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Call Center Innovation and digital transformation

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Movate and Uniphore are delivering elevated customer experiences by analyzing billions of customer conversations, ensuring they are truly heard and understood.

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Business Benefits

Business Benefits:

Movate, a global customer experience (CX ) and technology provider, and Uniphore, a leader in Conversational Automation, drive IT innovation in the contact center landscape by leveraging each other’s resources, technologies, expertise, and market presence, including technical collaboration to develop next-gen value propositions for customers.

Movate has been working closely with Uniphore to help increase their global footprint and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Providing the most comprehensive, powerful, and business-friendly solutions that:

Uses conversational AI and computer vision

Assess emotion and tonal analysis

Increase workflow automation

Democratize customer experiences across industries

Problems We Solve

Movate’s domain expertise and market reach, combined with Uniphore’s unique platform enabled by customers’ emotions, sentiment, and intent, can transform how organizations optimize their service experience and drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Problem: Customer frustration. Customers get frustrated when their journey data isn’t used effectively to personalize the customer experience as they switch channels

Problem: “Speak to an Agent Please” 57% of customer still prefer speaking to a live agent. Yet 56% of agents say dealing with complex requests is the most challenging aspect of their role, and 60% of agents are requesting better tools.

Problem: What’s really the issue? Chatbots may not be able to parse the question or understand customer’s requests, leading to frustration and customer being unhappy. 67.4% of phone interactions involving an agent require some form of diagnosis to uncover the real issue the customer is experiencing.


U-Assist’s real-time agent assistant makes the difference by simplifying the agent experience so agents can excel in their role and improve with every interaction. Consistent experience across chat, text and voice. U-Self Serve can engage customers across multiple languages and across multiple channels.

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Find out why Movate chose to partner with Uniphore with our e-book on going beyond call center coaching.

Movate: Global Technology Services Leader with 25+ years of Industry Experience

Movate is delivering great business experiences with their first-time right approach which includes co-innovating with technology and business partners. Their global partnerships include leading technology partners ranging from leading cloud and networking companies to digital & CX service providers. Today Movate has partnered with Uniphore to bring CX innovation to their customers.

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Industries Supported

With Movate and Uniphore you can orchestrate unique, omnichannel brand experiences at scale.

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Movate and Uniphore make it possible to understand customer needs and intentions.

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Superficial or point AI solutions aren’t true AI, and are primarily rules-based. Uniphore brings true AI to the Telecom space.

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Support patients, care teams, employees, and providers with Genesys and Uniphore - no matter the hour or channel.

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Deliver superior customer experiences and digital transformation at any scale.

Reduce attrition in BPO customer service.
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