AI-enabled conversational assistant to optimize your customer service engagement journey

Conversational Assistant to Drive Premium Customer Engagement


If improved customer engagement leading to higher customer satisfaction, all at a significantly lower cost interest you, then, say ‘Hello’ to akeira™ —our AI-enabled Conversational Assistant.

Backed by real-time customer analytics, akeira™ drives highly effective conversations for supporting sales and customer service functions across multiple industries. akeira™ is designed with a premium self-service interface and provides real time information, with a human-like conversational experience, making transactional interactions seamless.

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Business Value

For businesses, akeira™—the AI enabled Conversational Assistant—provides the opportunity to hold location and language agnostic, seamless, synchronous, cross channel conversations with consumers.

Deliver Seamless Customer Engagement
Always On 24/7
Engage Across Channels
Drive Contextual Conversation
Enable Faster Outcomes
Reduce Customer Care Costs

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Enhance your customer service experience with conversational AI innovations through better customer insights and a seamless engagement journey .