Omnichannel AI-driven intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) driving increased self-service automation rates with voicebots and chatbots.

Drive conversational self-service and transform customer experience with an AI-driven Intelligent Virtual Assistant

U-Self Serve (formerly akeira)

Are you looking to deliver next-gen self-service for your customers? U-Self Serve from Uniphore helps you deliver exceptional CX through a cost-effective, quick to set up, and easy to optimize solution that increases self-service automation rates and lowers customer service costs.

Backed by AI and NLP, you can drive highly effective conversational self-service to empower sales and service interactions across phone, web and mobile. U-Self Service is designed with a premium self-service interface and provides real-time information with a human-like conversational experience, making transactional interactions seamless. Leverage AI-driven customer intents, natural language understanding models, and pre-built connectors for IVR, web, and mobile channels.

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U-Self Serve

Business Benefits

Deliver increased automation and lower costs with conversational AI and call deflection from higher-cost channels. Drive higher revenues with personalized recommendations and proactive messaging.

Increase revenue
Lower costs of CX
Transform CX


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