Always know your agents are your agents.

Frictionless and ongoing agent verification for enhanced trust

Provide exceptional customer service without compromising trust.

Give greater peace of mind to supervisors managing in-house and remote agents with frictionless voiceprint authentication. Frequently verify agents during customer conversations and send real-time alerts to supervisors in the event of a failed verification.

Authenticate and monitor agents with voice​ biometrics.

Increase security at a lower cost with an equipment-free solution.

U-Trust is a flexible solution that doesn’t require additional software on agent desktops. Easily integrate into your workflow with either on-premise or cloud-based deployment.

Enroll agents in one minute and reduce the difficulty associated with verification.

Eliminate the hassle of agent authentication with rapid enrollment and ongoing verification. Automatically and continuously verify during calls​ with no agent involvement.

Frequently authenticate agents and protect your business against fraud.

Leverage a voice-based biometrics solution that maps and matches an agent’s unique characteristics. Boost customer trust and improve compliance with enhanced security for both in-house and remote agents.

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Ventana Research Analyst Perspective: Software’s Expanded Role in Customer Service and Support

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