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Leadership Conversation / 29.08.2019

5 Min Read

The Power of U: 5 Questions with Uniphore’s New VP of AI and Machine Learning, Cosimo Spera

This blog is the first in a series that highlights the voices of Uniphorians. I sat down to welcome ...

News / 12.08.2019

5 Min Read

The Power of Voice

As humans, we yak, chit-chat, pow-wow, rap, jabber, gab, babble, chatter across every available mean...

Leadership Conversation / 24.04.2019

3 Min Read

Celebrating 11 Years of Uniphore!

Eleven years ago in the incubation lab of IIT Madras, we set out to build a company called Uniphore....

Leadership Conversation / 16.04.2019

3 Min Read

My First Day @ Uniphore

Today, I’m thrilled to share that I’ve joined Uniphore as their chief marketing officer and head...

Conversational Analytics / 02.04.2019

5 Min Read

auMina Qsense : Driving Actionable Insights to Enhance Workforce Performance

Conversational AI and analytics are emerging as pivotal technologies to drive holistic people manage...

Conversational Analytics / 19.02.2019

5 Min Read

Speech Analytics Market is at an Inflection Point

The Conversational Analytics market in the US is seeing a paradigm shift. The market has evolved fro...

Conversational Assistant / 24.12.2018

5 Min Read

Transforming Customer Service in Insurance with Conversational Assistant

We recently partnered with one of the leading insurance companies, PNB MetLife, in building ‘KhUsh...

Leadership Conversation / 16.12.2018

5 Min Read

Know Your Customers’ Real-Intent with Conversational AI

Customer conversations are a treasure trove of information. Such conversations, in what is stated an...