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Conversational Analytics / 17.08.2017

5 Min Read

Speech Analytics to Identify and Prevent Misselling of Financial Products – auMina to the Rescue

Over the last few weeks, banks have been facing the heat from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and other ...

Conversational Analytics / 16.08.2017

5 Min Read

5 Ways to Effect Voice-based Collections using Speech Analytics

As enterprises look for proactive ways to reduce their Accounts Receivables, technologies like Speec...

Conversational Analytics / 27.07.2017

5 Min Read

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The New Normals for Speech Recognition

With each passing day, millions of people use applications that interact with machines through vario...

Conversational Analytics / 25.07.2017

5 Min Read

Why Scaling is a Challenge in Speech Recognition without AI and ML

Speech Recognition is today one of the most widely used technologies in multiple offerings. From con...

Conversational Analytics / 12.07.2017

5 Min Read

How auMina is Perfectly Placed to Increase Your Sales Velocity

Breaking the glass ceiling of mere grievance resolution, contact center interactions between custome...

Conversational Analytics / 03.07.2017

5 Min Read

Uniphore wins Collab – MetLife’s successful inaugural corporate – startup engagement program

Chennai, 28 June 2017: Uniphore Software Systems, a Chennai-based speech recognition solutions compa...

Conversational Analytics / 12.06.2017

5 Min Read

Decoding Contact Center Interactions: A Gold Mine in Business Intelligence

Customer relations can either make or break an enterprise’s profitability. Since customers are inc...

News / 07.06.2017

5 Min Read

Uniphore Software Systems Strengthens Leadership Team

Brings onboard industry veterans as Sr. VP Core Technology and India Business Head Chennai, June 7,...