Improving Key Contact Center Metrics with Conversational Service Automation

Improving Key Contact Center Metrics with Conversational Service Automation

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Contact centers worldwide follow standard metrics that show the service accessibility, the number of agents needed, level of service delivered compared to the industry, etc. Typical metrics include – First Call Resolution (FCR), Average Handle Time (AHT), wait time/response time, cost per call (CPC), average after-call work (ACW) time, customer satisfaction (CSAT), etc.

Conversational Service Automation (CSA) is an emerging category of solutions that leverages the power of AI to help enterprises deliver transformational customer service experiences. Through an intelligent combination of conversational AI, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and workflow automation, CSA drives increased automated and personalized conversations between customers and contact center agents, thus delivering an improvement in every critical contact center metric.

When a customer calls a contact center, the CSA platform understands the context, gauges the customer’s intent and sentiment, and recommends in real-time the best way to handle the call. Intelligent automation, like voice bots or IVR systems, can be the first contact between the brand and its customers, thus eliminating long call wait times. Chatbots are a great way of handling simple queries, transactional tasks, inquiries, or direct information seeking. It reduces the cost per call (CPC) and lets the human agents focus on higher value customer conversations.

CSA can augment the human agent capabilities in a contact center. AI and automation provide real-time alerts, and guidance for a speedy resolution of queries, thus improving FCR and reducing AHT. Automating after-call work (ACW) is another area where CSA helps contact centers increase efficiencies, reduce errors, and enhance call disposition accuracy.

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is one of the most critical contact center metrics and is often a testimony of excellent customer service. Leveraging CSA to improve essential contact center metrics will drive an improvement in CSAT.

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