Conversational Automation & Analytics to Discover Customers’ Real-Intent™




Conversational Automation & Analytics to Discover Customers’ Real-Intent™

auMina™ Real-Intent™

Move to real-time conversational automation & analytics with auMina™ Real-Intent™. Uncover the real-intent of your customer underlying every customer conversation, all in real time while the customer conversation is in progress.

With real-time agent alerts such as sales and service recommendations, auMina™ Real-Intent™ identifies your customer’s implicit needs and delivers actionable insights. auMina™ Real-Intent™ automates call summarization and mandatory after-call-work tasks saving your agents’ valuable time. Empower your contact center agents with a combination of real-time analytics and automation.



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auMina™ Real-Intent™

Business Value

auMina™ Real-Intent™ enables you to discover the real-intent of your customers underlying every customer-agent conversation.

Discover Customers’ Real-Intent
Improve Agent Efficiency
Automate Call Summarization

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