Enterprises need to handle consumer interactions effectively to remain competitive. However, handling consumer interactions is expensive and enterprises must ensure high efficiency of business process if they are to deliver quality service and not penalize their bottom lines. Insights derived from such interactions can drive growth and enhance customer experience through personized solutions.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, auMina is built to help organizations to identify and break down complex business problems by way of offering executive insights into customer interactions. The insights offered by auMina aims to bridge the analytics gap by extending tools for analysts to address business outcomes.

auMina introduces first of its kind innovation of business packs, specifically designed to drive a set of business outcomes by providing predictive and prescriptive insights from data. The latest version enables quicker value realization through faster and standardized deployments by leveraging intelligence gained from multiple deployments. auMina comes in 2 business packs: The Voice of Customer Analytics Pack and Banking Industry Pack.

  • The Voice of Customer Analytics Pack will drive richer customer engagement by predicting a customer’s intent of call.
  • The Banking Industry Pack will address business outcomes of reducing the risk of non-collection, increase cross-sell and upsell effectiveness, enhance customer experience and increase contact center efficiency through workforce optimization.

Business packs include pre-built industry aligned KPIs and metrics that will help enterprises realize their business outcomes faster without a lengthy discovery phase.

auMina's features
  • Drives business outcomes
  • Provides predictive and prescriptive insights from data
  • Voice of customer analytic pack
  • Banking Analytics pack
  • Enhanced ability to perform root cause analysis
  • Ability to detect customer emotion
Voice of customer analytics pack

Voice of customer analytics pack enables enterprises address the business outcome of ‘Enhancing Customer Engagement’. This pack will help enterprises predict a customer’s propensity of next action through social negative sentiment, escalation, promotion or detraction and determine a course of action. It will enable enterprises to measure and track ‘Customer Engagement’ using KPIs like Customer satisfaction score (CSAT), Net promoter score (NPS) and Customer effort score (CES).

Banking analytics pack

auMina Banking Analytics pack focusses on business outcomes of reducing risk of non-collection, increasing sales conversion, enhancing customer experience, and bringing in cost savings through workforce optimization.
Train Call Agents & Enhance Consumer Experience
Increase Revenue
Improve Compliance
Understand & enhance customer experience
Track and optimize agent performance
Improve regulatory compliance
Minimize the risk of non - collection
Cross - sell and up - sell with confidence
Increase business revenue while cutting costs

Reduce risk of non-collection: Get an end-to-end view of the collections process and keep track of the Collections Risk Index through KPIs like Collector Performance Score and Customer Intent to Pay. By comparing Collections Risk Index with the actual collections over a period of time, auMina can build a real-time risk assessment capability.


Improve cross-sell and up-sell effectiveness: Keep track of the sales conversion process through in – built Sales Conversion Index which provides KPIs like Customer Intent to Buy and Sales Pitch Effectiveness. By comparing Sales Conversion Index with the actual conversions, auMina can identify sales conversion drivers and deterrents.


Enhance customer experience: Build and monitor the Customer Experience Index with KPIs like Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Customer Loyalty (NPS). auMina correlates the Customer Experience Index with factors like agent performance and call handling metrics to help identify the reasons for positive or negative customer experiences.


Optimize the workforce: auMina tracks agent performance in real-time and alerts the management as per pre-defined indicators and KPIs. This ensures timely corrections to avoid potential damages. It also ensures better performance, script adherence, training need assessment, reduced repeat calls, and increased compliance

auMina’s banking analytic pack thus brings in tremendous business value by addressing core business issues that hamper growth. It helps reduce cost by driving in more efficiency and conducts root cause analysis of the various challenges faced by your contact center to address issues at its source. It powers increase in revenues by improving collections and identifying and prompting for cross-sell/upsell opportunities. It ensures a richer customer experience like never before.


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