7 Tips to Sustain Your Contact Center In a Crisis

7 Tips to Sustain Your Contact Center In a Crisis

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“It is difficult to make predictions, particularly about the future”, goes a popular adage whose origins are unknown but one which is attributed without much thought to everyone from Neils Bohr to Mark Twain.

Supporting Employees to WFH

But that’s beside the point. What is important to note is that today we are at a juncture in human history where our normal way of life is going through a big course correction and business-as-usual has few takers. Employee safety and well-being are of utmost importance and enterprises are proactively supporting employees to work from home. Adjusting your business to the new normal might take some time. But the show must go on.

No matter where your contact center is located you are being affected by this global economic slowdown and what worked for business enterprises in the past, may not work now.  Here are seven tips to sustain your contact center during the COVID-19 crisis and future ones:

  1. Change your business stance to reflect the new realities & customer predicament.
  2. Take initiatives to genuinely help your customers rather than hard-selling anything to them.
  3. Ensure your employees are well-equipped with the right technology to work from home.
  4. Take the time to build deeper personal relationships with your customers.
  5. Review all your strategies and portfolios now that you have the luxury of time.
  6. Rethink all legacy costs and overheads and find out ways to reduce the cash burn rate.
  7. Solicit ideas from your employees on overall business improvement strategies and more.

Automation Can Help Your Contact Centers

Whether you are a part of a large organization with in-house support or leverage BPOs, you need to gear up for a world where automation will have to play a big part in customer service.  Automation can help in your contact centers by taking over a lot of manual processes and workflows thus saving you time and money. In today’s environment, most of your employees would be working from home, you need to focus on automating mundane and repetitive processes and augmenting your employee capabilities using AI, cloud, networking, and communication technologies. This way your employees can give their best even though they are logging in remotely for work.

Finally, we don’t know how long the current crisis is going to last but all we can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Now is the Time, We Can Help

Let us know how we can work together and transform your contact center in a world where automation, cost savings, and remote workers are the new normal.

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