Enhance the competitiveness and competencies of your CX teams through Speech Analytics

Enhance the competitiveness and competencies of your CX teams through Speech Analytics

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Speech Analytics is a critical component of the contact center business because of its ability to identify important patterns and extract information from disparate data from various customer interactions. This data can be converted into actionable intelligence which can be leveraged for better Customer Experience strategies.

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Strengthen The Contact Center Training Backbone                  

Due to its innate ability to mine and analyze audio data, Speech Analytics can detect subtle emotions, like tones in a customer’s voice,  enabling contact center agents to identify customer expectations and formulate ways to quickly resolve their issues. The tool can also be used to map agent performance to recommended SLAs and agent training initiatives to improve issue resolution rates.

In addition, operational and performance issues across various agent rosters can be governed and managed to improve service delivery outcomes. Agent trainers can leverage the tool to filter difficult calls and create customized call resolution frameworks, enabling seamless delivery and improving the representative’s confidence. Reducing customer churn is another key benefit. Companies can analyze the reasons why customers leave and train the agents in the most effective ways to save an unhappy customer, creating brand affinity and a better customer experience.

Explore Sales Avenues

Speech Analytics can be integrated across various applications (IVR, workforce optimization modules, QA, training, etc.), allowing agents to deliver more predictable customer experiences. Sales representatives can leverage SA data to analyze customer buying behaviors, specify their needs based on demographics, and identify up-selling or cross-selling opportunities.

Empowering Agents through Speech Analytics – Focus Areas

  • Call Volume Analysis: Understand various reasons behind the calls through trend analysis
  • Customer Voice Analysis: Analyze various customer voice modulations, tonal and pitch levels including emotions to get a deeper understanding of customer behavior and expectations
  • Customer-Agent Interactions: Determine the reasons behind a customer call, generate insights from customer and agent through the engagement cycle (from pauses, talk overs, irate situations, etc.)
  • Quality Assurance: Track agent’s delivery consistencies and communicative abilities, identify any breach of etiquettes, SLA compliance, and incidents of poor language choices.

Revitalize Agent – Customer Engagement

Speech Analytics drives down operational costs while improving an agent’s performance:

  • Sensitize the agent on areas of non-compliance, preventing fines, and damages
  • Automation of call monitoring ensures real-time improvisation of conversations with the customer
  • Short call times reducing the cost per call
  • Empowerment of agents with actionable data reduces agent attrition rates, ensures better training outcomes, and best-in-class delivery
  • Streamline operational challenges and workflows improving agent performance
  • Identify risky customers, detect agent bottlenecks, search speech knowledge database for similar conversations and devise action plans to retain such customers.

Speech Analytics is designed to optimize the contact center agent’s performance and delivery expertise. It covers all bases of agent performance, from call classification, resolution, training, quality control, customer retention to service quality. There is an increased deployment of SA to transform unstructured customer interaction data derived from various business disciplines (sales, marketing, etc.) to redefine and refine the agent’s core ability to interact with the customer and create memorable customer experiences.


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