Leading Mobile Virtual Network Provider Automates the Contact Center to Improve CX

How to Simply CX When Your Contact Center Agent Desktop is Complicated?

Harness the Power of Attended RPA and Real-time Process Guidance

Uniphore’s expertise and IP are primarily applied to attended automation use cases that involve front-office processes or, more specifically, customer service operations. Uniphore’s product strategy revolves around customer service use cases and it has a sharp focus on maintaining its leading position in this specific RPA market segment.

About the Client

This telecommunications provider is one of the largest mobile virtual network operators in the world. Prior to engaging Jacada, their customer service representatives (agents) were required to access and manage up to 16 different applications at any point in time to effectively service a live customer request. Our client put together a comprehensive program to automate the contact center, eliminate inefficiencies and deliver a superior customer experience.

Our Approach

The program started with a targeted initiative to reduce average handling time. The first phase involved unifying the agent desktop. Subsequent phases focused on automating tasks and processes agents had to perform manually.

Using Uniphore’s low code automation platform, our client was able to consolidate disparate applications into a unified agent desktop, guide agents using dynamic workflows and automate mundane tasks using attended RPA.


  • More than $23 million in savings in the first year after rollout
  • Average handle time (AHT) dropped by 45 seconds
  • Net prompter score rose from a score of 63 to a score of 80
  • First contact resolution rose from 85% to 90.3%
  • Average speed to answer dropped from 28 to 17 seconds

What's Next

The client was able to achieve their twin goals of boosting contact center productivity and the customer experience by tackling agent desktop complexity head on.

Now, the team is focusing on simplifying more complex technical support interactions across the entire customer journey, regardless of whether the customer starts their journey on the phone with an agent or on the website in self-service.

The Uniphore low code automation platform comes with a handy multiexperience designer which makes it easy for the client team to design experiences than can be built once and deployed across touchpoints enabling both customers and agents to pause and resume interactions across touchpoints – creating greater levels of harmony and agility in the customer experience and in the customer service operation.