Recent Events Highlight Market Transition in Conversational AI

Recent Events Highlight Market Transition in Conversational AI

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It was a momentous occasion for Uniphore last month. We hosted our first ever flagship event, ‘Conversational AI Leadership Summit 2018’, on Oct 31st in New Delhi. The summit was attended by over 170 industry leaders and AI exponents including CEOs and CXOs, industry experts and technology journalists from diverse sectors such as banking, fintech, e-government, ITES, call centers, telecom, and retail.

The event kick-started with a keynote fireside chat between Umesh Sachdev, our Co-founder and CEO, and John Chambers, Chairman Emeritus of Cisco and CEO of JC2 Ventures, moderated by Sukumar Ranganathan, national editor of Hindustan Times.

The dialogue centered around the role of conversational AI in delivering superior customer service and streamlining customer journey. Here are three key points from their discussion:

  1. Voice will be the dominant user interface of the future and with AI, the combination can completely change not only customer experience but also the market as a whole.
  2. Enterprises are also beginning to realize that voice is the next interface and adopting Conversational AI to transform the customer service experience.
  3. Five years from now, the customer service experience that any industry or consumer might want will look very different. As leaders in the space of Conversational AI, Uniphore is constantly thinking about the best adaptation of this technology across different markets and user groups.

The summit steered an engaging panel discussion on ‘Impact of Conversational AI on Enterprises’ and ‘CX Impact through Conversational AI,’ both the interactions clearly highlighted the market inflection in Conversational AI.

All in all, the key themes from the summit also resonated with our findings from two other recent events. Earlier in Sep, we showcased our innovation in Conversational Analytics, Conversational Assistant and Conversational Security at the Conversational Commerce Conference (C3) in San Francisco hosted by Opus Research. That event unveiled the next frontiers in digital transformation and conversational commerce and the power of ‘Voice, Big Data, and Conversational AI’ in pushing the frontiers of customer experience.

We delivered a seminal presentation on “Accelerating Business Success with AI Powered Speech Analytics” at the Customer Experience Asia Summit 2018 in Singapore. The event was an excellent platform to discuss ideas about next generation conversational AI and leveraging natural speech process to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Businesses across the globe are transforming their customer journeys, and Conversational AI can be the catalyst for seamless customer engagement. Enterprises in all sectors are seeing real value in Conversational AI and tangible ROI. We are positioning ourselves to lead the transformation underway in Conversational AI with leading solutions for Conversational Analytics, Conversational Assistant and Conversational Security. We truly believe that the next big disruption in Customer Experience will be driven by Conversational AI.

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