CX is the biggest driver of customer loyalty

More than 80% of consumers consider alternative carriers after a poor customer journey.*

Dial in to higher satisfaction

With more telecommunications options available, subscribers are more empowered now than ever. In fact, four out of five consider alternative providers after a single bad experience. How can providers gain—and maintain—an advantage in today’s highly competitive market? With a digital-first customer experience built specifically for the modern consumer.

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Improve Agent Performance

The more time agents spend taking notes and scouring for hard-to-find information, the less time they have to engage with your customers. By automating time-consuming data entry and knowledge management tasks, agents can focus their attention on what matters most: creating a personalized and empathetic customer experience.

Ensure promises made are kept

Missed promises can have a devastating effect on your customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Conversational AI can accurately record promises made during calls and notify agents to take the appropriate follow-up actions in a timely manner.

Accelerate cross-selling and upselling

On-call selling is difficult—particularly when customers are calling due to service trouble. Armed with real-time coaching—plus emotion, sentiment and intent analysis—agents can identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, utilizing conversational queues and unavoidable wait times to drive sales.

Telecoms: How Conversational Intelligence Drives Agent Productivity and ROI

Real results from real telecom leaders

Leading telecommunications providers, including DirecTV, Cox Communications and Telefonica, rely on Uniphore’s conversational automation platform to build customer satisfaction, engagement and retention and drive revenue growth. These providers—and hundreds just like them—have differentiated themselves as digital-first leaders by:

One of the world’s largest telecommunications providers

achieved dramatic results with Uniphore, including:


reduction in after-call work (ACW)


call summary accuracy on 90% of calls

60 seconds

cut from repeat calls

with after-call agent assistance and automation.


higher spending by happy customers

Customers who had excellent past experiences spend exponentially more than those with poor experiences.1


more likely to recommend your brand

Customers who connect with engaged agents are more prone to recommend you and 2.4x less likely to churn.2

40% to 100%

agent attrition is the norm

Telecom contact centers have some of the highest turnover rates of all industries.3

1 HBR, The Value of Customer Experience, Quantified
2 Forrester Research​
3 McKinsey, The State of Customer Care in 2022
  Note: the attrition range is from multiple sources including customer conversations.

Telecom resources and case

*Economist Intelligence Unit data

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