Webinar / 09.06.2021

Delivering a Better Agent Experience to Drive a Better Customer Experience

Customer experience is most often the no. 1 strategic priority of executives and the current pandemic has made that a bigger priority. However, delivering a better customer experience strategy requires a commitment to improve agent performance and productivity, thus delivering a better agent experience.

At the New Standards for Customer Contact Performance watch Jafar H Syed, Chief Growth Officer of Uniphore, sharing his insights on delivering a better agent experience to drive a better customer experience. Here you will understand how AI can drive a better agent experience both during the call as well as post call. Learn about the typical use cases where AI and automation can have a positive impact on agent experience.

Key takeaways from the session
– The pivotal role contact centers play in driving overall business growth
– How to measure, monitor, and facilitate stronger contact center results
– Coaching strategies to help agent connect with evolving customer needs