Conversational Security to Prevent Fraud and Identity Theft

Conversational Security to Prevent Fraud & Identity Theft


Voice prints are as unique to individuals as finger prints, making them the best option for high level security. If seamless voice authentication across channels leading to improved customer experience is what interests you, then, amVoice™ offers an innovative alternative for user authentication, using voice biometrics.

amVoice™ gives your customer a faster and richer experience, without them ever having to worry about transactional security. It works by identifying unique voice patterns of your customer, including behavioral and physiological ones, to authenticate them.

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Business Value

amVoice™’s non-intrusive voice-based authentication benefits both businesses and end-users by providing Conversational Security, using the customers’ own voice as the basis for authentication.

Provide Secure Customer Engagement
Prevent Fraud and Identity Theft
Reduce Operational Cost
Enable Seamless Customer Experience
Authenticate Across Interaction Channels
Enhance Trust

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