Transforming Customer Service in Insurance with Conversational Assistant

We recently partnered with one of the leading insurance companies, PNB MetLife, in building ‘KhUshi’ – India’s first customer service app for Insurance powered with AI and speech recognition capabilities.  The power of customer ‘voice’ is the next frontier in customer engagement for the banking and insurance industry and akeiraTM by Uniphore is emerging as the platform-of-choice for conversational assistant apps like Khushi. Customers today have much higher expectation for customer service. There is an inevitable need for contextualized and personalized customer engagement, especially in industries such as BFSI and e-commerce. According to…Read more »

Recent Events Highlight Market Transition in Conversational AI

It was a momentous occasion for Uniphore last month. We hosted our first ever flagship event, ‘Conversational AI Leadership Summit 2018’, on Oct 31st in New Delhi. The summit was attended by over 170 industry leaders and AI exponents including CEOs and CXOs, industry experts and technology journalists from diverse sectors such as banking, fintech, e-government, ITES, call centers, telecom, and retail. The event kick-started with a keynote fireside chat between Umesh Sachdev, our Co-founder and CEO, and John Chambers, Chairman Emeritus of Cisco and CEO of JC2 Ventures, moderated by Sukumar Ranganathan,…Read more »

Latest Trends/News in Technology across BFSI 

Banking industry has come a long way. Today, it is focusing on technology-intensive solutions to improve and optimize its functioning, revenues, customer experience etc. The entire industry is in a digital transformation mode and few things are the bare minimum if you want to stay in the market (for instance, mobile banking).  BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) is an industry term that is used for those companies that provide these services. Among all these services, technology is taking over and companies who make the digital-first move is going to reap all the…Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Voice-Based Virtual Assistants for BFSI?

The digital voice-enabled assistant may not be an alien term for you after all these talks about Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning going on in the industry. These voice-based virtual assistants have in fact captured the interest of both businesses and consumers alike. If we talk about the next battle in the technological world, then it is going to be around voice-driven digital assistants. Thus, the developers are busy building capabilities that deliver contextual, detailed, and highly personalized responses to make the lives of consumers easy. The consumers will increase the…Read more »

How Has Technology Begun to Permeate the Banking Sector?

What we see today as a booming industry that is totally focused on technological advancements started its journey way back in the 1980s with standalone PCs. The banking industry then migrated to LAN (Local Area Network) connectivity.  Later, they graduated to core banking platform where their core banking solutions helped in increasing the comfort factor for customers with ‘anytime, anywhere’ banking.  Today, they are totally focused on 'Digital Transformation' deploying high-tech technological solutions for increasing revenue, optimizing cost structure, enhancing the customer service experience, and managing enterprise risk.  Permeation of Technology with the…Read more »

The Need to Rejig Customer Service: The Changing Voice of the Customer

The new age customer is interacting more with brands than ever before, with expectations of support keeping pace. Over 77% of consumers polled in the 2016 Microsoft State of Global Customer Service Report said they favored brands offering proactive customer services. When analyzed carefully, the rising customer service expectations by consumers is a win-win situation for both brands and consumers. While consumers are able to maintain proactive communication, and ensure speedy issue resolution, enterprises get an opportunity to ensure a loyal customer base. Changing customer support expectations It is a foregone fact that…Read more »

What Should Companies Look for in a Virtual Assistant Solution Provider

The world of Speech Recognition technology is redefining the dynamics of the way humans interact with computers. It has authorized the “Voice” of the user to transact with machines as if they are speaking to another human through interaction. In this area of barrier-less communication, Speech Recognition based Virtual Assistant is helping business enterprises in offering top-notch interaction service to its clientele by eliminating redundant and time- consuming processes. What is Virtual Assistant? It is a software-driven product which lets the user access support system to carry out a range of transactions such…Read more »

Reasons Why Virtual Assistant is a Preferred Replacement for Conventional Customer Support Channels

Introduction to Virtual Assistant In line with the ever-changing dynamics of customer experience, business enterprises are scouting for technologies which offer a fine-tuned approach to nurturing and retaining the clientele. Virtual Assistant is one such offering from the Speech Recognition technology stable which bids to replace conventional channels of customer support. Also, known as Voice Assistant/Intelligent Personal Assistant, the Virtual Assistant offers intelligence based response and actionable options through a voice interface. It extends a plethora of benefits to the customer-facing organization such as cost optimization and improved service experience. The section below…Read more »

Hear Watson, hear.

In 2011 IBM's Watson Computer won the American quiz show Jeopardy. It did so on live TV, beating two of the all time great (human) contestants of the show. In the Indian context, this would be a bit like a computer going on Kaun Banega Crorepati, interacting with Amithabh Bachan, and becoming a Crorepati.  Are we going to see that happen some day? 476Read more »

An Insider’s Perspective on the Changing Landscape of Mobility

Ken Dulaney is a vice president and distinguished analyst in Gartner Research, where his research areas include smartphones, tablet computers, notebook computers, industrial handhelds, wireless communications, mobile software and device management strategies. Mr. Dulaney is also the lead analyst for Intel. He has been recognized by Adweek magazine as one of the top 20 technology industry analysts. In this interview with TCS Global Consulting, Mr. Dulaney offers insights on mobility’s impact on the workplace and the future of mobility. Below are the highlights of the interview. On Adoption in the Enterprise One of…Read more »