Finding Your Three Blocks Long with Jeanne Bliss

Finding Your Three Blocks Long with Jeanne Bliss

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Conversations that Matter with Jeanne Bliss

When you retire, will people line up to say goodbye to you? What legacy are you going to leave when all is said and done?

If you invest in the humanity of your employees, tell them the truth, and equip them with the tools to do their jobs and do them fearlessly, you are going to leave the kind of legacy that you can be proud of.

Humanity, AI, and Contact Centers

On the first episode of Conversations that Matter, a podcast for contact center professionals from Uniphore, we chatted with Jeanne Bliss, Founder and CEO at Customer Bliss, for a discussion about humanity, AI, leadership, customer experience, contact centers and so much more.

Listen to the Podcast:


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Watch the Full-length Video Podcast:

Jeanne shares that AI is about building your respect delivery machine:

Timeline of the podcast:

  • 1:00 What is the most overused word when talking about leadership?
  • 1:20 What is the most overused word when talking about customer experience?
  • 1:43 How did your dad inspire you with his philosophy of “three blocks long”?
  • 4:32 How have businesses/organizations changed since the start of the pandemic with the engagement of customers and employees?
  • 7:49 What are the priorities that leaders need to take in managing a remote workforce?
  • 11:42 Who is Uniphore?
  • 12:28 Zeroing in on what matters most
  • 12:45 Building a customer listening path
  • 14:14 AI (artificial intelligence) is your respect delivery machine
  • 19:30 Tom Peters discussion with Jeanne Bliss
  • 19:54 How do leaders focus on mental health?
  • 23:40 Congruence of heart and habit (clear about their purpose and live it)
  • 24:36 How are leaders supposed to measure customer experience? It’s about growth!
  • 28:14 Trusting your people
  • 29:50 Do you actively communicate with employees in times of disruption?
  • 32:50 Game Time – Word association
  • 34:06 How to contact Jeanne Bliss

Links discussed in the podcast:

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