Why Mobile Users Dislike Your IVR

Why Mobile Users Dislike Your IVR

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Why don’t we like Interactive Voice Response?

IVR and mobile are like water and oil, they simply don’t mix. Listening to lengthy call trees while constantly pulling the phone away from the ear to press the right number is tedious and time consuming. Poor voice quality and inadequate voice recognition only add to the frustration of customers when trying to listen to their desired option only to hit a dead end. 

Zeroing out, dead ends and call abandonment are common pains customers experience when interacting with IVR systems.  If your customers are having trouble listening and navigating through multiple options and are forced to zero out and repeat information, your company is at a loss no matter how elaborated  your IVR technology is. Your current IVR system may be hurting customer satisfaction as you read this, while eating away at the investment poured into developing and running it.

Think Visual – Give back control to the customer

But what if your IVR could be seen and felt, rather than just heard? Scanning a mobile screen is much quicker than listening to a list of instructions. Let go of the audio in favor of visual. Visual IVR provides a visually guided menu interface that can be launched from any mobile app or webpage. Your customers can touch their way from menu to solution in a matter of clicks – all from the comfort of their device.

By implementing a Visual IVR Solution you can fully cater to your tech savvy customers and provide a true mobile experience worthy in today’s smartphone mania.  Give your customer the ability and control by seeing and clicking their way through your current IVR technology.

What’s in it for me?

Best of all, the right Visual IVR solution works seamlessly with your existing IVR technology. By reusing the current VXML scripts that your IVR runs on, your company keeps and supercharges its initial investment. With Visual IVR you can significantly improve customer satisfaction, eliminate dead ends and call abandonment rates and lower telephony charges without having to spend more.

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For more information on Uniphore’s Visual IVR product visit: www.visual-ivr.com

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