Executive Survey: C-level Executives in India share their Speech Analytics deployment experience

Executive Survey: C-level Executives in India share their Speech Analytics deployment experience

In the second year of a global tracking study, Opus Research presents findings from a survey of 500 business decision-makers to understand their perspectives in evaluating and deploying Speech Analytics platforms and services. This study, commissioned by Uniphore, documents critical data points in the perceived value of Speech Analytics and its impact on contact center operations, compliance and regulation, workforce optimization, customer experience and delivering a return on investment.

Speech Analytics has been breaking new grounds across geographies. This is evident from the two of the most significant “Key Findings” from the survey. Firstly, over 90% of the respondents had deployed Speech Analytics which vouches for its validity in the customer care fabric. Secondly, companies have been spending significantly on Speech Analytics. This is supported by another finding where 62% of companies spend $300,000 to $1,000,000 annually towards Speech Analytics solutions.

Top 3 Factors Triggering Speech Analytics Deployment in India

1) Sales Volumes Increased / Need to Scale Up Quickly – 65%

2) Understand “Why” Customers Are Calling/Require Support – 55%

3) Gain Insight into Marketing and Promotional Campaigns – 51%

Indian companies are moving towards achieving a holistic understanding of their customers. By gaining deeper insights into factors such as customer sentiments, Contact Centers will be in a better position to make customized offers and drive demography-specific marketing campaigns.

Top 3 reasons to deploy – India 

1) Discover “Root Cause” of CX failures – 60%

2) Increase Sales and Collections – 57%

3) Compliance with laws and regulations – 57%

While respondents are increasingly focusing on digging out the root cause of commonly occurring issues to prevent recurrence, revenue enhancement through better up-sell and cross-sell and maintaining compliance have also been a top priority.

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