20 Fascinating Asian Startups You Should Know About

20 Fascinating Asian Startups You Should Know About

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Asian startups are scripting history — not only in their respective domestic markets but also globally. Here are a few e27 has picked for you

Hardly a day goes by without over a dozen news reports of VC investment in Asia — mostly in tech startups in India, China and Singapore. Neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bangladesh are also fast catching up and have jumped onto the startup bandwagon.

Major VC funds and corporates in Silicon Valley and Europe, besides Asia, are queueing up to invest in disruptive ventures in the region, where almost 50 per cent of the world’s total eight billion population resides. With growing smartphone penetration and improving technological infrastructure, these cash-rich companies do not want to lose out on massive opportunities to make great returns by investing in Asian startups.

Here we bring you a list of 20 startups across Asia that are silently disrupting their respective industries with amazing innovations.

Uniphore – India
This startup offers multi-language speech recognition solutions. It designs and delivers mobility service applications that connect businesses with their customers and employees in real-time. Uniphore’s solutions integrate speech recognition and voice biometrics with smart mobile technology to deliver an efficient solution on the cloud. The company is backed by Indian Angel Network.

Why it makes the cut: India is a land of many languages. There are over 780 languages in the country. Enterprises in the country find it extremely hard to interact with customers in their language. Uniphore provides a solution to this problem.

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