Banking on Great Conversations

Banking on Great Conversations

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For the finance industry, the global pandemic was a watershed moment. Customers unable to access their branch locations increasingly took to digital channels for their customer service needs. Faced with record-high contact center traffic, many organizations accelerated their digital transformations—and uncovered a wealth of untapped CX value. Today, conversational AI is helping businesses capitalize on every customer interaction across every channel. In this playbook, we unlock how AI-powered customer service solutions are working to:

Enhancing the Conversation and the Experience

Conversational AI optimizes every conversation by helping agents be more productive and empathetic while personalizing the experience for customers. With a conversational automation platform that understands the customer’s real intent and sentiment, banking contact centers can deliver a positive conversational experience that drives customer satisfaction.

Minimizing After-Call Work

What happens after the call ends is just as important to business outcomes as what happens during the conversation. The time spent in after-call work (ACW)—including categorizing and summarizing the call, updating systems and taking follow-up actions—impacts call times, operational costs, agent productivity and customer satisfaction. Using conversational AI to automate ACW improves the experience for both your customers and your agents, while driving efficiency and accuracy.  

Capturing and Fulfilling Promises Made During the Conversation

Poor promise management directly impacts your call handling times, wait times, customer satisfaction and loyalty as measured by your Net Promoter Score (NPS). A conversational automation platform with promise management can automatically recognize, log and enrich commitments/promises. After the call, the system sends the customer a summary of the promises made to align expectations. It then automatically manages the fulfillment of the promises, which improves NPS, reduces repeat calls and shortens processing time. 

Extracting Insight from Every Conversation

By understanding and analyzing every conversation, financial institutions gain deep insight into trends and opportunities for improving strategic contact center outcomes. A conversational automation platform that includes AI-powered analytics for voice, email and chat interactions helps organizations target causes of customer churn, drive compliance and identify core customer- and agent-centric opportunities for improvement.

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