Overcoming Conversational AI Chaos: Where to Begin and Steps to Success

The advent of ChatGPT and its cohort of Generative AI resources moved Enterprise AI into the mainstream. Like it or not, every brand now needs to have an AI strategy. However, it’s not that easy. The integration of AI into enterprise workflows poses significant challenges, especially for customer experience and call center leaders. 
AI transformation moves change management to the fore. Decision makers must take stock their current position on an AI continuum, with special attention to their customers and employees. Success depends on seamless transitions that take into account prior investment in bots, agent assistants and copilots, but looks to augment those projects with resources that are predictive, intuitive and informed by human interactions and emotions.

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Dan Miller
Lead Analyst & Founder at Opus Research

Vijai Shankar
Vice President, Product Marketing, Uniphore

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